Fighting homelessness one apartment at a time

NB Affordable is a vibrant and growing organization, focused on the preservation, acquisition, redevelopment, and management of affordable housing communities across the United States.

NB Affordable by the numbers

  • 11,725 units under management
  • Properties across 15 states
  • Currently managing over 84 individual communities
  • 40+ years of industry experience
  • $1.3 Billion+ assets under management
  • Professional staff of 300+ employees

Our Vision

NB Affordable possess sound financial analysis, comprehensive asset management, and a deep understanding of regulatory requirements, and is positioned to continue our rapid growth as a major force in the affordable housing industry. Our strategic goal is to bring our vision of prosperity and affordably to communities across the Unites states of America by owning and operating a portfolio of 25,000 units by year 2025.

Our Mission

Doing our part to fight the plight of homelessness and foster an environment of prosperity for American families by providing housing that is both affordable and sustainable.

Our Values


Affordable housing is the cornerstone of our mission at NB Affordable. We firmly believe that preserving affordable housing for all Americans is essential to our collective prosperity as a country.


NB Affordable caters to the welfare and prosperity of all our shareholders; our residents, employees, investors, and partners.

Giving back

The NB Affordable foundation has been established with the aim of giving back to our residents and employees, as well as contributing towards the fight against homelessness.

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Suite 400 Somerset, NJ 08873

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